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The South African Education system has recently introduced a new learning model called CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements). It is a revision of the current National Curriculum Statement (NCS). With the introduction of CAPS, every subject in each grade will have a comprehensive policy document that provides details on what teachers need to teach and assess on a grade-by-grade and subject-by-subject basis within a specific period.


Based on the content-driven curriculum, many students find themselves in difficult situations in keeping up with schoolwork, to the extent that they drop out. As young people undergo various adolescent phases, the development in identity formation plays an important role in their success.


Most young people growing up in urban and rural areas are indeed faced with challenges such as gangsterism, gang violence and substance abuse. With the adolescent transformation, community challenges and the load of educational pressure, many young people quit school because they cannot handle these challenges. Often, due to a lack of support, young people make decisions that end destructively.


The above situation outlines the fate of young people who lack the required, and proper support to make a success of their lives.

Therefore G-CITI has initiated a skills programmes that will empower young people with innovative study patterns to address learning challenges, through technology.



Holiday Outreach Programme with Sanzaf – 2017


The I-CAN Centre extended their programmes (Life Skills Programme) to support & empower the youth of Manenberg during the July School holidays. Sanzaf hosted the programme in Manenberg with the support of the I-CAN Team.  See Facebook Album



City of Cape Town Career Expo – 2017


City of Cape Town (Social Development) hosted a Career Expo in Belhar. The I-CAN Centre demonstrated their course offerings and funding opportunities! Many participants (Grade 12 Students) were fascinated with disruptive technologies such as Web Design, Mobile App Development, Robotics, 3-D Printing and Digital Animation. See Facebook Album –



Web Rangers Project


Web Rangers is a digital literacy programme designed to allow young people to gain critical skills and knowledge around online safety that they use to create innovative campaigns that promote safe internet usage and champion their rights in the digital world. The pilot programme developed by Film and Publication Board are in partnership with the I-CAN Centre and to empower 60 children in cyber bullying within the Western Cape. In addition, the I-CAN Centre celebrated "Internet Safer Day" with various schools within Elsies River on the 6th February 2018.

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I-CAN Digital Winter School – 2017


The aim of the I-CAN Digital Winter School was to add value, support learning, improve results and ignite a passion to Grade 11 & 12 CAT (Computer Application Technology) students. Students who completed the programme received International Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. 51 High School students lives were change through exposure and empowerment of technology! See Website for project results!



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