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The vital importance and positive contribution of entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial culture in economic and social development cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurs create and bring to life new technologies, products and services, and create new markets and jobs along the way. Entrepreneurs are smart risk takers, implementers, rule-breakers; or in a word: innovators. And like any emerging economy aiming to move ahead, South Africa need lots of them! Transforming ideas into economic opportunities is the crux of entrepreneurship. History shows that economic progress has been significantly advanced by pragmatic people who are entrepreneurial and innovative, able to exploit opportunities and willing to take risks. Entrepreneurs produce solutions that fly in the face of established knowledge, and they always challenge the status quo.


Genesis discovered that with empowerment of digital skills; citizens become innovative and creative in starting their own businesses. Most self-employed citizens are struggling on a day-to-day basis to grow their business. They are faced with compliance issues and access funding. As most businesses thrive online, entrepreneurs need to position themselves in a digital world to be successful. Many self-employed & potential business starts-ups fail to grow their businesses due to lack of entrepreneurial thinking and business skills.


Therefore G-CITI has initiated an entrepreneurship skills programme to empower communities with entrepreneurship business literacy, digital skills and the ability to develop a sustainable business through financial insight and forecasting.



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