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Site Visits

Site Visit - Mayor of Cape Agulhas


The I-CAN Centre were graced by Mayor Paul Swart from Cape Agulhas region. The site-visit focused on how the I-CAN Centre made an impact within the Elsies River community and how these projects can be scaled to Cape Agulhas region to address various social issues and narrow the digital divide.



E.O.H Site Visit


The I-CAN Centre were graced by E.O.H. Academy in the month of Feb 2018. GCITI / I-CAN students completing IT courses of 2017 will be recruited by EOH Academy, for further development and placement. This new partnership paves to way to ensure that students enrolled for IT programs are placed within the IT sector.



Site-Visit from New York


The I-CAN Centre was graced by Global Resources, a New York based Consultancy firm. The Centre made an indelible impact on them as they witnessed how South Africans within local communities engages with technology on a daily basis. From their travels and expertise in the ICT space, they acknowledge the profound work of Genesis CITI and their team.



Tilburg University Site Visit


Public officials from Tilburg University (in partnership with The School of Public Leadership - University of Stellenbosch), Netherlands, came to the I-CAN Centre to see how South Africa has develop digital initiatives to advance employment and community upliftment. A presentation was held to showcase the I-CAN impact in Elsies River and its surrounding communities. See Facebook Album



Karen Walstra Site Visit  (I-CAN Google Day)


Thank you to Karen Walstra, Google for Education Department, who sponsored G-CITI with Google T-Shirts  and caps in order to promote the I-CAN Google Day project. Karen’s site visit focused on engaging with citizens who received free training through Google Apps. See Facebook Album



Site Visit of Siyabulela Mamkeli “Mini Mayor”


Recently appointed “Mini Mayor” (Executive Representative of City of Cape Town), Siyabulela Mamkeli, paid the I-CAN Centre a visit on our Gaming Day on the 1st April 2017. As this was his first time at the Centre, he was welcomed by all our staff and gamers.  During his tour, through the I-CAN Centre and its various digital zones, he was indeed impressed with the initiative of the gaming day which brought great excitement to the youngsters in Elsies River and its surrounding communities.  This is what Mr Siyabulela had to say on Facebook - “I-CAN Centre Gaming Day. Building Functioning Communities With Google Genius From Elsies River”. See Facebook Post



Site Visit of Solly Fourie – DEDAT


The I-CAN Centre was graced by Solly Fourie with his team of Department of Economic Development of Tourism (DEDAT) . City of Cape Town joined DEDAT on the site visit on the 11th July 2017.



Site Visit of Alan Winde – DEDAT


Alan Windy, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism visited the I-CAN Center on the 4th July 2017. He spoke regarding the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the awareness of digital disruption taking place within Western Cape. The I-CAN Center plays an important role in bringing disruptive technology to communities, such as Mobile App Development, Robotics and 3D printing, with the increase of citizens using the internet.



Site Visit of Alderman Clive Justice (City of Cape Town)


Alderman Clive Justus (City of Cape Town) and his team visited several sites to evaluate the economic growth in Cape Town. The I-CAN Centre was fortunate to be part of their itinerary. Many opportunities and project learnings were discussed amongst officials regarding Cape Town & Western Cape's economic growth due to disruptive technology. See Facebook Album - Click here



Site Visit of Jenny Cargil (Premier's Office)


Jenny Cargil of the Premier's Office visited the I-CAN Centre on 3rd Aug 2017. Her site-visit focused on the services and the impact of the I-CAN Centre in a local community. See Facebook Link -Click here



Site Visit of Michael Leighman ( - USA)


The I-CAN Centre was graced by Michael Leighman, CEO of Photo Start is a platform connecting the most at risk children with modern opportunity. Children develop creative skills and learn creative ways to monetize those skills. It gives the children unique opportunities to connect with industry professionals, mentors and the outside world who help with guidance and unique learning and income generating opportunities. Thank you for the established partnership with Cyan Development (CEO - Grant Williams) for this great opportunity. The I-CAN Centre in partnership with will start a project in October 2017 to empower youth with Photography and entrepreneurial skills. See Facebook Link - Click here



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