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Social innovation is in the mouths of many today, at policy level and on the ground. It is not new as such: people have always tried to find new solutions for pressing social needs. But a number of factors have spurred its development recently. Social media have brought about fast changes in how people communicate with each other, but also in how they relate to the public sphere. Citizens and groups can act more quickly and directly, in a participative way. This is also a part of the explanation of why social innovation is gaining speed.


Social Innovation within the ICT (Information Communication Technology) environment will allow communities to grow in creativity and realize their potential to become tech entrepreneurs.






Social Innovation Projects (Sept 2015 - Aug 2018)

2 Day Web Course


The 2 day Web Design course offered citizens to build their own website for their company / organization or church. The course focused on installing Content Management Software online. Citizens were empowered to create their own artwork and upload it to their website. The project were completed as each participant showcased their online website. Additional modules were covered such as Basic Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and a Digital Newsletter Creation Click here



UWC Cyber Security Short Course`


UWC Colab facilitated a course in "Cyber Security" for citizens. As the course are still in beta-phase, input from the community of cyber-challenges were of utmost importance in finalizing the content of the course. Primary and High School, including parents participated in the program Click here to see Facebook Album.



Recording Studio Projects


The I-CAN Centre in partnership with Sound 4 You aims to empower youth with an opportunity to create their own podcasts, voice overs and learn to produce their own music. Youths from various schools, with or without music talent, are invited to learn the powerful and fun Digital Music Production software which enables them to produce their own songs at the I-CAN Recording Studio facility. Sound 4 You obtained an international contract to provide a South African accent voice over to an Indian client which will be incorporated on a Learning Management System (LMS) through a mobile app Click here to listen to a voice over of Faith Jacobs (11 years).



I-CAN Gaming Day Competition


The aim of the Gaming Project is to bring youth together from different disadvantage communities and compete with one another on various gaming platforms. This sport is a stimuli for change for youth. The gaming project addresses various community challenges being faced and direct youth towards a brighter future beyond what they face on a daily basis. The outcome of the project is to bring awareness to youth to participate in playing games online and start generating an income with their potential. The Gaming Day Competition took place on the 1st April 2017.


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CTV - Live Show (EKSE) Llewellyn Scholtz (CEO - G-CITI | Centre Manager of I-CAN Centre) was a guest on EKSE Show (CTV - Live Show). The discussion revolved around technology usage of youth and how it can be an enabler for social and economic transformation.

Game Design Project


Video games are a ubiquitous part of almost all children’s and adolescents’ lives, with 97% playing for at least one hour per day in the South Africa. Various games have been developed to allow internet users to learn online through MOOCs. Today, most young people spend 60% of their time playing games. In an ideal educational game setting, students learn how to solve complex problems. The problems within a game typically start off easy and progressively become more difficult as players’ skills develop. Players are motivated to learn, in part, because learning is situated and occurs through a process of hypothesizing, probing, and reflecting upon the simulated world within the game. The I-CAN Centre has facilitated a gaming course to build an awareness of this industry in local communities.


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