Community Digital Projects have been designed to spark youth to use vocational digital skills to innovate and build digital applications to enhance citizen’s access to information and better living conditions. 

Tech Innovation Data Projects (Building Future Tech Entrepreneurs)

We run various tech programs across the Western Cape to advance technology use with citizens. Integrating technology into community systems advances communication, access to information and maximizing data.


Below is a list of (Hackathon) projects conducted under Community Digital Projects:

IT Technician Students repairing School Computer Labs within local vicinity

IT Server Engineer & Web Engineer Students builds & installs an Open Source Firewall for School Computer Labs

Web Design / Developer Students builds social websites / web directories / integrated mobile apps for the upliftment of communities

Graphic Design Students builds digital artwork for the purpose of branding for non profit organizations and other civic organizations.

Architectural Students create and prints 3D Modelling objects for social purposes


These projects advance the skilled youth to be exposed to digital environments, work in and as a team to reach goals set as problem statements. 

Digital Employment Initiatives (Building Capable Employees)


The digital employment initiatives are programmes designed to ensure candidates are prepared and employed within specific industries. With the cutting edge resources (I-CAN Centre), it serves as an enabler to prepare youth for the workplace. Dedicated spaces within the I-CAN Centre are constructed to serve as a simulated environment in order for youth to feel comfortable and prepared. Youth are introduced to operational management and teamwork, subsequently resolving a technical checklist to achieve goals set. The Digital Employment Initiative is conducted over a period of 6 weeks.


Digital Entrepreneurship Initiatives (Building Capable Employees)

The digital entrepreneurship initiatives are programmes designed to ensure entrepreneurs are incubated and trained accordingly based on their selected vocation. Genesis CITI research and findings demonstrates that youth (after certified vocational technical training) has a proclivity to venture into entrepreneurship. 

Customized training, such as Compliance Operations, Design Thinking, Project Management, Market Analysis is added in programmes, as these tools are important for agility and creativity in the industry, but have not been educated to entrepreneurs during their upbringings. Genesis CITI ecosystem, enables youth to be exposed to various industries – led speakers on specific industries. Also these speakers adopt youth to further incubate them to reach sustainability within their businesses. 



Digital Access Projects (Access to Technology)


The lack of internet access in most rural areas has become a challenge worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted trends such as teleworking and e-commerce, meaning an opportunity for the local economy of these areas, but with serious difficulties in carrying it out. It is essential to know the real needs and demands of a community before implementing plans and programs that may not be relevant for the actors involved in territorial development. 



As part of the Connect Communities Project, the I-CAN Centre where Genesis CITI is the Centre Operator has high speed wireless internet access to grow digital citizens and the uptake of internet usage. We facilitate and enable the deployment of public internet WiFi hotspot within walking distance of the I-CAN Centre for educational purposes, economic development and social inclusion. The best means of addressing inequality in our communities is the deployment of public -or privately funded public WiFi in low-income communities. The internet is divided into accommodating both citizens and enrolled students at the I-CAN Centre. 



With the partnership of Western Cape Government & City Cape Town & Sonic Telecoms & Think WIFI, we are able offer FREE WIFI and Internet Access to all citizens.