South Africa has been sadly affected by the lockdown on all levels. Moreover, the marginalized communities are affected severely. Due to socio – economic status of people and the plagued of domestic violence, drug abuse and gangsterism, daily survival has become an extreme in these communities.

For many decades, the Cape Flats region has been known for domestic violence, drug abuse and gangsterism, resulting in the lockdown creating bigger challenges.

Genesis CITI is fully aware of the community challenges that exist, and therefore has reached out through nutritional relief for communities. Genesis CITI has distributed grocery hampers and loaves of bread for more than 2000 people. Detrimentally, our communities will slowly recover from the pandemic, therefore we envision to continuously distribute food parcels, to alleviate the current poverty we experience.

Genesis CITI has a standing relationship with various other non-profit organizations and social feeding schemes in local communities. Through these relationships, children receive nutrition daily.

It takes a village to raise a child! We all contribute in some way or another towards the growth of a child

Distribution of food was done for Shack dwellers in remote areas. We were welcomed wholeheartedly by this unique community. We believe that nutritional relief can contribute towards decreasing crime in these areas. The level of frustration in these homes leads to domestic violence and abuse. In distributing food, we use our voice to speak hope and joy, acknowledging the social distancing principle. These encouraging words saturates and resonates the very community we speak to. Therefore the Word of God declares in Matthew … “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”

Prepacked food parcels were delivered directly to elderly people!

Our objective is to feed people daily and increase our distribution points of destitute beneficiaries in local communities.

To make a donation in aid of “Genesis Feeding Scheme” you can reach the Community Liaison Officer, Judah Scholtz on 073 273 4971 /

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