What we do?

We have dedicated our focus within the following areas

Social INNOVATION using technology

Web Design | Web Development | Mobile App Dev | 3D Printing | Intro to Video Editing | Intro to Adobe Animation | Intro to Graphic Design | Intro to Java / Javascript / Python Programming | Digital Entrepreneurship | Social Media Marketing

Go to stimulate the Education Sector using technology

stimulate the Education Sector using technology

Coding for Kids | I-CAN Digital Spring School | I-CAN Digital Winter School | Career Guidance | Online Safety Projects | Quickbooks for Accounting Students | Digital Literacy | Ms Word & Excel for Kids

Entrepreneurs to use technology

Entrepreneurship Training | Intro to Compliance | Intro to Intellectual Property | Branding your Business | Building a Logo & Website for your business | Intro to Business Finance | Intro to Digital Marketing for your Business | Intro to Chatbots

Go to Entry – Level & Advance Digital Skills

Entry – Level & Advance Digital Skills

Computer Basics | IC3 Digital Literacy Certification | MTA Networking & Windows Server | HTML5 | Adobe Dreamweaver / Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator | MOS Word & Excel & Powerpoint & Access | Cyber Security


Genesis CITI is the Centre Operator of the I-CAN Centre, an Initiative of the Western Cape Government.

This flagship project has advanced Genesis CITI to create more 10 000 training opportunities for all citizens across the Western Cape over a period of 4 years!

With state of the art equipment, Genesis CITI transforms local youth into global citizens, where they received recognized global vendor certifications after project training.

Excitingly, the certified global students, leaps directly into workplace!

Tech Community Projects

Impacting the Communities with Technology - Preparing Citizens for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Are we READY for the FUTURE?

G-CITI regards itself as a vehicle for social & economical change. The changing economic climate that propels South Africa towards a growing tertiary sector, the high unemployment rate and the challenging education system, provided much-needed impetus for the establishment of G-CITI. In this regard, our carefully formulated organisational objectives prepare and upskill a large section of the population for a new and ever-evolving digital economy with its own set of labour requirements. New jobs in the economy are steadfastly replacing older ones and our educational system is currently severely strained to effectively deal with this shift.

  • 21st Century Youth Job Readiness Skills Training | Online Career Guidance for High School Students | Entry - Level Technology Training | Vocational Technology Training

  • Tech Innovation Data Projects | Digital Employment Initiatives | Digital Entrepreneurship Initiatives | Digital Access Projects

  • Empowering Female Informal Traders with Entrepreneurial Skills | Empowering Women with Entry - Level Digital Skills

  • Vocational Multimedia Technology Training | Recording Studio Facility


Genesis CITI has won a prestigious social enterprise award for the work done within Western Cape region! Llewellyn Scholtz, Executive Director of Genesis CITI received the reward from WC Minister of Economic Opportunities, David Manier