February 20, 2020

About G-CITI


Who we are? (Executive Summary)

Genesis Community IT Initiative (G-CITI) is a non-profit organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) that supports the needs of citizens with digital literacy, social innovation and entrepreneurship and vocational digital skills programs. Founded in 2014, G-CITI has successfully implemented various digital skills programs that impacted more than 7000 citizens. Schools, resource centers, government agencies, private companies and other non-profit organizations were impacted through G-CITI programs. G-CITI regards itself as a vehicle for social change and digital transformation.

The main objectives of G-CITI and aim to:

  • Enable communities through access to broadband technology, to participate digitally for personal and business development goals.
  • Become a hub of activity for technological and digital development for the Elsies River and adjacent communities.
  • Empower all citizens with basic digital literacy skills for entrepreneurial development and employment opportunities.
  • Provide entrepreneurial skills programs including digital services, support and business guidance.
  • Provide opportunities for creativity through social innovation projects.
  • Support primary and high school students in improving in education through technology.

Why do we exist? (Rationale)

The changing economic climate that propels South Africa towards a growing tertiary sector, the high unemployment rate and the challenging education system, provided a much-needed impetus for the establishment of G-CITI.  In this regard, our carefully formulated organizational objectives prepare and up-skill a large section of the population for a new and ever-evolving economy with its own set of labor requirements. These labor requirements are inextricably linked to a rapidly expanding technology focus. New jobs in the economy are steadfastly replacing older ones and our educational system is currently severely strained to effectively deal with this shift. This is where G-CITI partly fills the gap through the provision of future-oriented job preparation and services. The alarming situation of internet penetration, youth unemployment and the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution is becoming a serious concern for G-CITI as many citizens will be displaced by the potential of 4th Industrial Revolution. The pressing reality has dawned on G-CITI to be a vehicle for social and economic change through technology! We, at G-CITI, were motivated to start this project in order to infuse hope and give these idealistic and desperate young people a real chance and a better and fulfilling life, before hopelessness dawns upon them through environmental and domestic social issues.

What is our values? (Our Personality)

Organizational values drive the way we influence, how we interact with each other and how we work together to achieve results. Our Organizational values are not descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission, they are the unseen drivers of our behavior, based on our deeply held beliefs that drive decision-making.

  • Passion: We have a passion for delivering effective empowerment skills to communities.
  • Respect: We treat our management committee, staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and partners with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.
  • Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of integrity in every aspect of our interventions.
  • Excellence: We aim for excellence in all interventions.
  • Innovation: We are creative in delivering value to our citizens, clients, shareholders, suppliers and the community. We anticipate change and capitalize on the many opportunities that arises in technology.
  • Inclusiveness: We embrace all races and cultures through technology to build a better community.
  • Professionalism is of utmost importance to measure the quality of services over competitors.

What we do? (Vision)

To develop and empower all citizens to become global thinkers through technology!

How do we do it? (Mission)

Genesis Community IT Initiative will use technology as an enabler for community development, social innovation, and economic growth and committed to grow tech talent in South Africa.

In respect to the vision and mission, South Africa faced colonialism for more than 400 years. This caused citizens to condition their way of thinking through limited resources. Resulting in urban and rural communities being disadvantaged and displaced. Technology, as an enabler and equalizer, is the potential solution to expand the way of thinking for a better future in South Africa.