Young people represent both current and future employees, investors, and consumers, creating an important opportunity for business. Ultimately, enterprises need skilled human capital to grow and thrive, and the supply of youth talent is critical for business to compete and grow in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. Today’s youth is well-educated and represents the labour force of tomorrow. Working to curb youth unemployment and create opportunities for young people can help business to address its current and future skills needs.

Today’s young people are the most educated generation ever. Nevertheless, they encounter difficulties in entering and remaining in the labour market. Therefore G-CITI has developed a range of employment initiatives to support youth in obtaining learnerships / internships and employment through its employment accelerator partnership model.


Based on our social impact and community expertise, we assist and support youth in finding further studies, internships and learnerships. Based on our expertise, we have discovered that youth must be academic ready and also industry. Therefore we have compiled a list of soft skills programmes to ensure youth are industry.

Job Readiness Training

We offer Job Readiness Training to prepare youth for the workplace environment and conducting professionalism at all time.


Design Thinking for the Workplace

We prepare youth to have a productive mindset within the workplace by using the Design Thinking Model.


Communication Skills

We prepare youth with business communication skills both verbally and in written format. The programme also includes email usage training.


Project Management

We offer this training to prepare to youth to manage tasks and their time, especially if they have to lead a project within a workplace environment.


Job / Intern placements

We offer in-house intern workplace environment experience for youth after their digital skills qualification programmes.


Work - Integrated Learning

We offer Work Integrated Learning programmes for youth to prepare them for specific tech industries.


Past Projects and Expertise

From September 2015, we have conducted the following projects in supporting youth to find internship / employment opportunities.

G-CITI in partnership with Jobs Connect (An Initiative of City of Cape Town) address the high unemployment in South Africa through a technology platform where youth can sign up as a job seeker.

G-CITI Youth Employment Status

Employed 42%
Self-Employed 12%
Registered Entrepreneurs 22%
Internships & Learnerships 13%
Unemployed 11%


We have partnered with the following organizations listed below in addressing the unemployment gap in South Africa. After our training programs, all youth signed up to these platforms to be further assisted with internship / employment opportunities.