Digital advancements are changing the world of work. It is estimated that over the next ten years, 9 out of 10 jobs globally will require digital skills. This digital transformation has the potential to reverse the trend of ‘jobless growth, altering the structure in economies by investing in digitally-enabled decent jobs. The digital economy has considerable potential to promote the employment of young people. Digital technologies can increase productivity and have the potential to improve the quality of job opportunities, especially for youth.

It is estimated that tens of millions of future jobs will require far more advanced digital skills, including coding, software and app development, network management and many more. Therefore G-CITI is offering Entry – Level and Vocational Digital Skills Programmes that are globally certified and accredited in South Africa to empower youth for the future!


As a leading Digital Skills Training Provider, we aim to offer credible digital skills for youth. We offer for all citizens entry level digital skills to address the digital gap in South Africa, and also recognized global and accredited vocational digital skills for youth to enter the job market. We are registered with Certiport, A Pearson Vue Business, to offer various industry ready certification in Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDesk and Apple. Also, we are registered with MICT SETA (Media ), to offer End User Computing and IT Technical Support Qualifications. With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution,we have introduced new skills programmes to promote new technology integrated within the workplace.

Entry - Level Digital Literacy Skills

We offer IC3 Digital Literacy Certification to all citizens. We cover Computer Fundamentals (Theory) and Key Applications (Word / Excel / PowerPoint), and Living Online (Internet & Email). We have also included Mobile Phone Literacy into our Curriculum.

Vocational Digital Skills

We provide globally certified and accredited vocational digital skills that leads to digital jobs. With our partners use as CompTIA, Microsoft,Adobe and Sage Pastel we offer recognised vendor certification, inclusive with a number of SAQA Level 3 & 4 Credits as Accreditation.

4IR Digital Skills

We offer futuristic skills such as coding, robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality training. Our newly developed Maker Space is used for these training opportunities. These skills provides exposure to youth about the future of work.

Past Projects

In terms of Digital Skills, we have conducted the following projects successfully:


Below is an outline of various partners we are working with to ensure integrated youth are afforded recognised digital skills credentials to increase their employment opportunity in South Africa.