Multimedia Technology Training Project

In this generation media has become an important part and plays a vital role in our society. Additionally, the stronger role of the media is now obvious in Afghanistan; it has broken the shackles of the centuries-long self-imposed superstitions in almost every walk of life. People feel empowered with the rising level of awareness on various issues. The media can eliminate the existing deprivation of youths and the steps could be taken towards their empowerment and their role in the Afghan civil society and policy initiatives. So through broadcasting of radio programs and messages about youth empowerment and their role in the society, they will be aware and raise their voice for their rights and achieve their desired goals in the society.

Finally, this project will make the youth generation fully aware of their rights and responsibilities in the society. They will be encouraged to take part in community development and better understand their role in the region.

  • Intro to Multimedia Technologies Online
  • Intro to Graphic Design 
  • Intro to Web Design
  • Intro to Video Editing
  • Intro to 2D / 3D Animation

Recording Studio Facility

In promotion of Digital Arts, it’s important for upcoming artists to be skilled with technology to potentially produce their own music / recordings. With the state of the art Recording Studio Facility, young upcoming artists can jump start an opportunity in access the following service on a community rental fee:

  • Use Recording Studio for Live Recordings
  • Use Recording Studio for mixing and mastering music
  • Use Recording Studio for Live Video Recordings
  • Use Recording Studio for Live Talk Shows

Apart from the services offered, the Recording Studio is a training environment where youth can learn how to edit music, mix and master music.

The Recording Studio promotes Social Innovation, where youth can become potential digital content creators for online platforms.