December 18, 2020

Tech Talent

In today’s world the youth and citizens are facing the most hardships and lack of belongingness within the society. Generally youths are the backbone of a society. Youth’s participation in all aspects of society is very important at any time. We aim to be the most leading influential organisation, to have the best impact on each and every youth in the communities, by providing the best youth development programmes, globally… Changing, Inspiring and Empowering youth and communities is what we wish to achieve, to ensure that everyone is…

We have the following projects  hosted under Tech Talent:


21st Century Youth Job Readiness Skills Training Online

Employability skills are character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s relationships with other people. In the workplace, employability skills are considered a complement to hard skills, which refer to a person’s knowledge and occupational skills.”
These skills are important because employers look for people who have good communication skills, computer knowledge, and a positive attitude towards work. This training project is designed to make learners employable and give them the right step towards a successful career. The training project focuses on essential competencies such as Communication, Digital Literacy, Behaviour, Problem Solving, Customer Centricity, Teamwork, etc. The curriculum uses simulations for learner’s practice and has a strong assessment programme to measure learner’s progress. With these comprehensive skills and knowledge, the learner can definitely ace the employers’ expectations. The Job Readiness programme prepares participants for the job market by providing practical training in a supportive environment that encourages social and spiritual development. We also focus on an advanced project called “Job Rise”, where past students learn unique skills to maximize their potential to climb the corporate ladder in their career and accomplish their goals.
Genesis CITI empowers the unemployed youth with Job Readiness Skills across South Africa, using a Learning Management System to make them sector industry-ready.

Career Guidance for High School Students
In a fast changing, complex world it’s very hard to make good life choices. We believe the most powerful tool in today’s economy is self knowledge. Having self knowledge is like having an internal compass that is directing you to go on the best possible route to get to your desired destination.
Our Career Guidance project is to inspire young people from previously disadvantaged communities to pursue professional careers through career guidance initiatives, assist them with tertiary applications and securing bursaries. Following a “cradle to career” philosophy, prepares young people to reach and succeed in university and the workplace through tutoring, career guidance and computer training; and provides holistic opportunities for personal development.
The youth are restless due to the socio-economic challenges that they face, which has led to some of the academic problems that they encounter. Spending time engaging them in alternative pathways was necessary so it can have a sustained impact on their futures.
Our technology facility, I-CAN Centre exposes youth to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; as much as we believe in empowerment and growing smarter, we ensure to give more young people opportunities to be more creative, to explore more in the world of science, technology, engineering and problem solving, especially with the Fourth industrial revolution, where these skills will be relevant. The program is evangelized where Genesis CITI visits High Schools and invites them to the technology centre, where further assessments are conducted to determine prescribed careers based on vision, passion, personality and character.
Entry – Level Technology Training
There is an urgent need for ICT Skills in the workforce as well as youth and adults equipped with quality ICT literacy and entry-level digital skills.  We focuses on developing these critical skills and integrating the IT Training with key soft skills which will enable a swifter uptake of these students into the workforce, once the studies have been completed.

Vocational Technology Training (4IR Skills for the Future)
Also, Genesis CITI offers certified courses that promote global vendor industry-recognized certifications, which enables it to offer semester courses over a period of 5 – 10 months, which place great emphasis on vocational intermediate / advanced digital skills. With the education system designed as Basic Education and Higher Education with South African Standardized Curriculum, Genesis CITI offers the same vocations, parallel to TVET College curriculum content, under the banner of Global Vendor Certifications, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Huawei, Intuit and Certiport. In  partnership with these vendors, youth are accelerated with knowledge and skills for the workplace. These certifications create an equalized playing field for youth to enter the job market and escalate to higher paying job salaries. Simultaneously, the global certifications offered addresses the digital skills in South Africa.